Milling & Reclamation

What Is Milling?

If your damaged or worn asphalt needs repairs, but you are on a budget, choose milling. Milling can help improve the look and performance of your pavement, without the costly excavating and new installation.

When you choose Blue Curb’s milling services, we only replace the top layer of asphalt. This service has a lower price tag and quicker turnaround time than alternative methods. It also causes fewer traffic flow disruptions.

The Process


We eliminate any obstructions, clean the asphalt surface, and evaluate the existing pavement’s condition.


We remove only the top layer of asphalt using specialized milling equipment. This process involves grinding the existing asphalt layer, which we usually recycle for the new asphalt layer.

Surface Repair

We strengthen the asphalt’s foundation by repairing any damage or irregularities in the layer underneath the asphalt, also called the subgrade.


We pour the new asphalt layer onto the subgrade and compress it to achieve a smooth finish.

Finishing & Marking

We perform any finishing touches, such as line striping and road markings, to the new asphalt layer so it’s ready to be used.

By resurfacing only the top layer, rather than completely reconstructing the road or pavement, this approach can be more cost-effective and less disruptive to traffic. It extends the life of the pavement and provides a smoother driving surface.

What Is Reclamation?

With reclamation, we’ll create a new foundation for a new layer of asphalt. No excavation is required, which further helps cut operating costs and saves valuable time for your business.

The Process

Grind & Blend

We grind and blend the remaining material—along with any soil and aggregates—to create a more durable foundation.

Key Benefits

Top Causes of Pavement Deterioration

Pavement deteriorates due to factors such as:

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