Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization

The soil under your pavement impacts the quality and longevity of the pavement above. If the layer of soil isn’t strong enough to support the pavement, we’ll use soil stabilization methods to help strengthen the soil and enable it to support more weight and pressure from the pavement.

The Process

Soil Assessment & Testing

We’ll take samples of the soil to test it’s composition and strength. This helps us to understand what soil stabilization method and material is required for the job.

Stabilization Treatment

We offer two types of soil stabilization treatments. 

1. Compaction: We compact the soil to make it more dense.

2. Grading and Slope Adjustments: We adjust the soil’s slope or grade for better drainage.

Quality Control

We continuously check the soil to ensure the stabilization method is working and your pavement is supported.

Key Benefits

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