Asphalt Line Striping Services in Northern Virginia

Linestriping & Pavement Markings Services in Warrenton, Virginia

Pavement markings serve an important role in helping drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians navigate roads and parking lots safely. They even help to manage the flow of traffic and inform people of stopping points and crosswalks. At Blue Curb LLC, we offer asphalt line striping services in northern Virginia including areas such as Warrenton, Centreville, and Manassas.  We also extend our services in Frederick, Maryland, and the Washington D.C. area as well.  If you’re searching for solutions to improve the organization and safety of your paved surfaces, contact our team to discuss our line striping options.

The Process

Prepare the Surface

We ensure the markings are applied correctly by removing debris and preparing the area.

Apply the Markings

We utilize specialized equipment like paint stripping machines and thermoplastic applicators to apply markings.

Dry & Cure

You can resume normal activity on the pavement as soon as the markings are dry.

Linestriping Services in Frederick, Maryland

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